News from the field, Feb 2015

by admin on February 17, 2015

Cowbridge Farmers Market

We’re delighted to now be trading at Cowbridge Farmers Market – it’s the closest market to our site in St Hilary – so fits our mission of wanting to supply the freshest veg to local people. You can’t beat 2 food miles!

We’re also at Riverside Market in Cardiff every Sunday. Bringing locally grown  veg into the city.

Ready to trade at Cowbridge Farmers Market

The market is on 1st and 3rd Saturdays in the month

2015 Brings Home Delivery

For those that  appreciated our low carbon collection point system rest assured we still hold true to our small social enterprise/ low impact credentials  and are using a company (Welsh Food Box) that already have a delivery round in the area – so there is one less vehicle on the road!

We’d like to encourage multi-drop offs, and good neighbourliness – so wax lyrical about our boxes and if we can deliver a few boxes to one address that would be great, and cut down  fossil fuel use even further! If you are interested we can contact customers nearest to you.

We are also keen to encourage individual/group collection from the field (St Hilary)  for which there is a discount of £1.50 per box.

What’s Coming up in Your Box this Month

In the boxes this month we’ve got squash, carrots, onions, celeriac, jerusalem artichoke, mixed salad bag, cabbage, purple sprouting brocoli, cauliflower, leeks and kale. The lovely long leeks were grown by Field Days Organic, a therapeutic growing enterprise  based at the Amelia Trust Farm.

Cook with your Veg Box.

A celeriac purchaser at the farmers market stall was evangelising about the loveliness of remoulade. Here’s Nigel Slater’s version – he also gives a beetroot option if you’ve got some of that hanging around. Pickled/fermented cabbage is getting a good press at the moment  – here’s a news story  about the theory! And we know it can be challenging to keep coming up with creative cabbage recipes at this time of year –  but stick with it – it’s good for you!

Remoulade with celeriac

Fermented Veggies

What’s Going on at the Field this week.

It’s the time of year when attention turns to infrastructure while the veg in the field hangs on in there!

We’ve taken delivery of a small container which will be used as a cold store to keep our veg in tip top condition. Not too much of an issue at the moment harnessing nature’s refrigeration – but we had a big problem last summer when we lost access to a cool packing space and the veg suffered as a result.

Keir and Tom have been honing their carpentry skills extending the packing shed – we’re on the look out for some old kitchen worktops. If you’re refitting your kitchen, or have any contacts please get in touch.

Lovely insulated storage solution!

Extended packing shed progress.

Bucky Box – new ordering software.

We’re working hard at installing new more flexible ordering and payment systems. Thanks for your patience while we make these changes. You should have received a link to your account on Bucky Box which will enable you to view and amend your box order and payments. We will add new features soon – such as customising your box, and making available other products Please action your Go Cardless direct debit mandate if you haven’t already done so – thanks!

Beyond the Garden

Two upcoming courses on our site. Come and join us – have a look around the market garden, meet nice people and learn some new skills. Note change of date to 21st Feb for fruit tree pruning course.


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