About us

Riverside Market Garden (formally RCMA Market Garden Ltd) is a community owned Industrial Provident Society. Initially funded through grants, and partly funded through shareholders, our vision and mission are:

Our vision

Enabling more people in South Wales to live and enjoy lifestyles that are sustainable, and promote wellbeing. Demonstrate a model for sustainable livelihood – that is, to make a living without damaging the health of the environment, the economy, or the community. Through our work we aim to strengthen our communities and make them more resilient, and contribute to the creation of a sustainable and just food system in One Planet Wales.

Our mission

To bring fresh locally grown organic produce to the people of South East Wales, and share our knowledge of small scale local organic food production. To develop the Riverside Market Garden as an economically viable, community-owned social enterprise.

Riverside Market Garden was originally created by ‘The Riverside Market People’ (RCMA Social Enterprise).  RCMA are well regarded in Wales and have won a succession of national awards.

Read our  2015-2016 Annual Report