News from the Market Garden – 7th Feb 2014

by admin on February 7, 2014

Your weekly news from the market garden – what’s in your veg box this week, industry news, recipes and more. We’d love to feature customer recipes or your foodie news/blog – your own  or interesting ones you’ve found. Send us your links!

Keir, our new head  grower, and stalwart volunteer Jon, catch up in a rare moment of sunshine at the market garden this week.

What’s in Your Box this Week?

Our standard box contains potatoes, carrots, onions, winter salad, leeks, celeriac, a stir fry vegetable pack, and Uchikuri squash – the round orange type that is divine roasted!

Cook with your Veg Box this week

Returned to for some recipe inspiration this week. Its a lovely website. Nice recipes, heath, cooking and prep tips. Emphasis on fresh, local, seasonal, healthy. Have a go at celeriac ‘noodles’ with your stir fry pack this weekend. Simply shave ribbons off the celeriac with a peeler, and soften for a few minutes in boiling water – great if you’re still on a New Year health kick and avoiding carbs!

For a stunning and simple soup just chop up your squash (leave skin on and remove after cooking) and an onion, douse with olive oil and sprinkling of warming spices – cumin, coriander – roast on a medium heat  for 45 mins or so (make it energy efficient too by popping it in with something else you’ve got the oven on for), and blitz with some vegetable stock. I loved my impromptu bowl served with some fantastic spelt bread from Riverside Sourdough – available Cowbridge, Riverside and Penarth Farmers Markets.

Celeriac ‘noodles’  from the Stone Soup Blog

What’s Going on at the Garden this week

Its planning and ordering time – our big order for plantlings has gone in and we’re hoping to get a third polytunnel in this spring so we can grow enough for boxes and meet  demand at markets.  At the moment we’re entering ‘the hungry gap’ and not able to supply markets and restaurants as we need everything we can lay our forks on for the veg boxes!

We’re also in dire need of drainage to improve soil structure and enable able to get onto the land without causing damage. So designs  and quotes  are being sought. With organic growing the soil is our gold, and top priority!

This seasonal period is a good opportunity to enjoy some luxury of time and attend to some  ‘added value’ jobs. The field staff and volunteers have been taking harwood cuttings of dogwood and guelder rose. The native shrubs will be planted into the hedgerows to improve habitat and biodiversity – and gaining  allies in natural flora and fauna  will encourage pollination and assist pest control.

Beyond the Garden

and to prove the point major Soil Association findings conclude the following, with particular focus on saving bees.

‘The biggest ever review into whether organic farming benefits wildlife has taken place – and the findings are clear – organic farms have on average nearly a third more different species of wildlife. The researchers stated in the report that “organic methods could undoubtedly play a major role in halting the continued loss of diversity from industrialised nations”.

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